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General Enquiries:

Phone: Freecall 1800-847-333

Kingsgrove Sydney ShowroomSydney - Kingsgrove, NSW

Unit 7, "Kingsgrove Business Centre"
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192 Kingsgrove Rd
Ph: 02 8197 3928

Clayton Melbourne ShowroomMelbourne - Clayton, VIC

Factory A5, "Hallmarc Business Park" 2 Westall Rd
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Ph: 03 8080 1200

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New to Bilby3D?

Looking for Flashforge Parts?
They have their own category

Quality You Can Afford

FlashForge has developed a reputation for 3D Printers with good print qaulity, rich in features and great value for money.

Bilby3D is the largest distributor of FlashForge in Australia backed by over 6 years experience with these machines and a stock of locally held parts.

All FlashForge FFF machines use 1.75mm diameter filament and are open-materials. You are not locked in to their software or in to pricey manufacturers materials of limited range.
You can download their FlashPrint software before purchase and experiment with the features and estimate print times.

Prosumer FDM Printers

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FlashForge Adventurer 5M Pro
Bringing High-Speed and generous build size to the FlashForge range

FlashForge Adventurer 5M Pro

Fast and User Friendly

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FlashForge Guider 2-S (v2 - 2022 Model)
This 2022 update to a solid large 3D printer became much quieter, in addition to a flexible bed And spare bed Tape, Toughend filament drive gear, Toughened nozzle (included in the spare parts pack and not fitted) and improved filter. It has a user friendly touchsreen and webcam, plus a generous 280 x 250 x 300mm build volume.
All machines come standard with high-temperature extruders (to 300deg).

FlashForge Guider 2-S

Upgraded 2022 Model

Industrial 3D Printers

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FlashForge Hunter - Resin Printer
This high quality resin printer is designed for applications where very high resolution is essential, such as jewellry and dentistry.

Build size of 120 x 67.5 x 150mm

FlashForge Hunter

When precision and fine details are all important

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Flashforge AD1 - Sign Lettering 3D Printer
Part of the FlashForge Professional range, this 3D Printer is designed to be a complete solution for printing Light Channels for Signage

FlashForge AD1 - Sign Lettering 3D Printer

The special slicing & designing software, FlashAD, makes it easier to make complex designs, you can even create an amazing shadow effect with returned slant at some angles as you wish, eliminating the trouble of calculating the curving angle in CNC machining. Strongly helps you to fabricate complicated logos easily.

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FlashForge WaxJet 410 - Wax Jetting Printer
This 3D Printer is specially designed for producing wax patterns for precision investment casting of jewelry, automotive and other precision products

FlashForge WaxJet 410 - Wax Jetting Printer

The 3D Printer specially designed for producing wax patterns for precision investment casting of jewelry, automotive and other precision products

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FlashForge WaxJet 400 - Wax Jetting Printer
This 3D Printer is specially designed for producing wax patterns for precision investment casting of jewelry, automotive and other precision products

FlashForge WaxJet 400 - Wax Jetting Printer

Speed up production from the 410, with triple heads

FlashForge FlashPrint Software

FlashPrint software is very easy to use, and has many parameters not available in similar software. It is used across all the FlashForge professional FDM machines

New to Version 3.7.1 - Great new leading features

Support Generation features - You can generate the new "Tree Support" style automatically, or choose linear (block) supports. If the automatic supports need some help, you can manually add or remove them! I've drawn in some support in the image above, right.

Cut - You can now cut the model in FlashPrint without resorting to doing so in other software, then bringing in the parts. You can choose to cut along the X, Y or Z plane, as in NetFabb, or you can draw a plane with your mouse (as I have done, above, left). On a twin extruder machine you can then select different extruders for different parts of the model, or with a single extruder machine, use it to cut the model and just print a top section to glue on when a print has been interrupted part way through. YouTube Video

Pause At Height - Create one or more points where you would like the printer to pause. This means that the printer will pause when it gets to this height, allowing you to swap filament for a different colour or type.

Turn 2D images to 3D models - Just drag your image in to the software, set parameters and there is your model! You can save it as a .stl file as well. Here is Maker's Muse tutorial on FlashPrint 3.4.1 (including tree supports)

FlashForge printers are also supported by Simplify3D software
FlashForge USA has a very helpful channel on YouTube
Australian, Thomas James has many videos and reviews of his FF3D Dreamer on YouTube

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