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The Raise Pro3 HS Series builds on the Raise3D Range of Additive Manufacturing machines
The Pro3 Series, the most highly developed 3D printer of its segment, just got faster and more reliable.

The Pro3 Series includes two dual-extruder 3D Printers: the Pro3, with a build volume of 300x300x300mm, and the Pro3 Plus, with a build volume of 300x300x605mm. Forged from the award-winning Pro3 Series, the Pro3 Series comes with improved usability, higher overall equipment effectiveness, and industrial-grade repeatability, making it the best choice in the segment for any customer using 3D printing in agile or small-batch production.

Designed to print fast, with the latest HyperCore flaments, where the reinforcing fibers are concentrated in the core of the filament. This allows them to print faster, and with better inter-layer adhesion.

The Pro3 Series printers are easily integrated into a production environment, since they connect with Raise3D’s 3D printing software ecosystem that includes the slicing software ideaMaker, the open-software template ideaMaker Library, and the print management software RaiseCloud.

Now with an RFID reader, you can use Raise3D chipped spools to automatically load filament details when loading - but you can use any spools. Large (to 2.5kg) filament caddies and automatic filament switching option when one extruder runs out of material, means you can now print up to 24hours straight - without any filament changes.

  1. High-Speed Printing: The Pro3HS is designed for high-speed printing, significantly reducing production time while maintaining excellent print quality
  2. Large Build Volume: It offers a large build volume, accommodating larger projects and complex designs without the need for multiple prints
  3. Dual Extruders: The printer features dual extruders, allowing for multi-material and multi-color printing, expanding the possibilities for intricate designs and functional parts
  4. Enhanced Reliability: With improved hardware and software, the Pro3HS ensures reliable and consistent performance, minimizing downtime and print failures
  5. Easy Maintenance: The modular design of the Pro3HS simplifies maintenance and part replacement, ensuring a longer lifespan and reduced operational costs
  6. Advanced Filtration System: Equipped with an advanced HEPA filtration system, the printer ensures a safe and clean working environment by effectively removing airborne particles and fumes
  7. Touchscreen Interface: A user-friendly touchscreen interface makes operation intuitive and accessible, even for those new to 3D printing
  8. Remote Monitoring and Control: With RaiseCloud integration, users can monitor and control their prints remotely, providing greater flexibility and productivity
  9. Wide Material Compatibility: The Pro3HS supports a wide range of materials from any manufacturer, including PLA, ASA, PPA, ABS, TPU, PETG, and more, catering to various industrial and creative applications. The new HyperCore filament means you can print composite like carbon-fibre at high speeds
  10. Precision and Accuracy: The printer is designed for high precision and accuracy, delivering professional-grade results for prototypes, functional parts, and final products

Raise3D Pro3 Hot Swap Hotends
Interchangeable Hotends
The Pro3 Series is equipped with an independent modular extruder with a dual-extrusion structure. This allows the Pro3 Series to print using a variety of filaments while reducing clogging, and enabling convenient disassembly and replacement of components, reducing machine downtime. The new interchangeable hotend system is ideal for users who may need to often switch from non-abrasive to abrasive materials that require different nozzle types, or users who want to print at higher speeds and require different nozzle sizes. They are designed with a click and lock mechanism that requires no tools, and each is uniquely identified in order track and record the nozzle usage time.

Pro3 Series Bed Offset and Mapping
Bed Offset and Mapping
While the Pro2 Series came with a factory calibration that requires minimal or no calibration effort, Pro3 Series takes a step further in usability and comes with Auto Bed Leveling. The new Auto Bed Leveling feature is a relevant tool for those using printers for production purposes and who wish to implement a preventive maintenance program to ensure consistent quality of the final printed parts. Auto Bed Leveling minimizes the time allocated to calibration and increases productivity.

Pro3 Series Bed Offset and Mapping
Air Flow Manager
The Air Flow Manager of the Pro3 Series is located on the back of the printer, improving heat dissipation and air circulation, creating a stable environment inside the print chamber. Equipped with a HEPA air filter, Air Flow Manager can also filter and clean the air inside the chamber. As long as it operates within the recommended temperature range, the Air Flow Manager will ensure the stability of the temperature inside the chamber, which translates into better repeatability of top-quality results independently from the external conditions.
Pro3 Series EVE Smart Assistant
EVE Smart Assistant
The Pro3 Series has a built-in smart assistant system known as EVE. Similar to what is common practice in 2D printing, the EVE assistant can guide users to accurately locate and resolve issues that might affect the final print job. It also has a function that analyses printer usage and sends users reminders of scheduled interventions to ensure that printer maintenance is performed on time.

Raise3D is the first company in its segment to introduce such a feature, bringing the usability of professional 3D printers to the next level.

More Improvements
Note: The Pro2 Series printers will be kept in the portfolio and recommended to all users who tend to print less often and may not fully utilise Pro3 Series’ new features.
2021 ModelsBuild VolumeDual Extruder - Lifts the unused nozzle clear of the print


300 Wide
300 Deep
600 High
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Pro 3 HS

300 Wide
300 Deep
300 High
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