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Phone: Freecall 1800-847-333

Kingsgrove Sydney ShowroomSydney - Kingsgrove, NSW

Unit 7, "Kingsgrove Business Centre"
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192 Kingsgrove Rd
Ph: 02 8197 3928

Spring Hill Brisbane ShowroomBrisbane - Spring Hill, QLD

Shop 2, 474 Upper Edward St
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Ph: 07 3135 9810

Clayton Melbourne ShowroomMelbourne - Clayton, VIC

Factory A5, "Hallmarc Business Park" 2 Westall Rd
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Ph: 03 8080 1200

Belmont Perth ShowroomPerth - Belmont, WA

Unit 3, 158 Francisco St (cnr of Abernethy Rd)
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Ph: 08 9334 5222

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Raise3D E2 - Precise, Reliable, Affordable

An easy-to-use, durable desktop 3D printer ready to improve precision standards, scale production, and add a powerful new additive manufacturing resource

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Raise3D E2 IDEX Extruders
What is IDEX? Why is IDEX important?
IDEX stands for independent dual extruders, meaning the extruders can operate independently of one another along the same axis during printing to perform more advanced functions.

The E2 is a desktop 3D printer with IDEX. With IDEX, one extruder can remain motionless and off to the side while the second extruder prints the model, minimizing the risk of the second extruder interfering with the print.

Duplication and Mirror 3D printing modes
What are Mirror Mode and Duplication Mode? Why are These Functions Important?

IDEX can perform two specialized functions, Mirror Mode and Duplication Mode.

Mirror Mode prints two models simultaneously, the seond being a mirror image of the first. It is convenient because it eliminates the need to create an additional design file for the inverse model, and it saves the time that is usually spent printing the inverse model separately.

Duplication Mode is synchronized printing, meaning it uses both extruders to print 2 exact copies of a model at the same time. It can double the production of the machine for small parts.

E2 Easy Swap Hotends
What are Easy Swap Print Heads? And Why are They Important?
Easy Swap Print Heads are a convenient feature of the E2. These print heads are easy to remove, making it simple and quick to swap out a print head for another print head. There are a variety of reasons why swapping print heads is necessary, such as having to use a print head with a different type of nozzle.

Spare Easy Swap Print Heads can easily be prepared with hardened nozzles, and nozzles of different sizes, such as 0.4, 0.6, and 0.8 nozzles to switch in a few steps and get back to printing.

Raise3D E2 Automated bed meshing
What is Auto Bed Leveling? And Why is it Important?
A level bed is an important contributor to the quality of the final printing result. Bed leveling is the process of testing and confirming that the printing platform is completely level before beginning to print. It can be a time-consuming process to ensure this.

However, user-friendly 3D printers, like the E2, feature Auto Bed Leveling. Auto Bed Leveling uses a sensor to measure the distance between the printing bed and the nozzle at different locations of the bed and uses this information to adjust the nozzle to make sure the right distance between the bed and the nozzles is maintained during printing. This means the extruder can adjust to minor surface contour changes, resulting in improved bed adhesion a better final print quality.

Flexible Bed for Easy Print Removal
What is a Flexible Build Plate? And Why is It Important?
A build plate is the surface upon which the printer prints the part. The Build plate's role is to temporarily adheres to the bottom layer of the model during printing, securing it in place while layers are added on top. It is also the surface that an adhesive is applied to when printing with certain filaments. With a rigid build plate, prints can adhere too well to the surface, making them difficult to remove without damaging the print of the surface. With a flexible build plate, once the print is complete and the build plate is removed from the printer, the build plate can be removed from the printer, and twisted to detatch the print from the buildplate with ease.

The E2 features the BuildTak FlexPlate, a flexible build plate. The BuildTak FlexPlate bends, allowing for easy removal of 3D printed parts, minimizing potential damage that may occur to the final print when removing the print from the plate. The flexible build plate can also quickly regain its original shape to continue printing.

Webcam for Remote Monitoring your 3D Print
What is the Camera? And Why is it Important?
The E2 features a camera to monitor the entire 3D printing process of every print job. This camera operates by connecting to RaiseCloud allowing users to keep track of every print job remotely. The ability to check the 3D printing process via your local network or the internet (configurable and not required), so you can spend you time wherever needed.

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E2 + CF Model

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